Upgrades & Installations

Time for an upgrade?

We can tailor software and hardware packages based on an assessment of your personal needs. The IT Crowd offers customized software and hardware solutions, to ensure that your business or home computer addresses your individual requirements.

  • Memory
  • Processors
  • PC motherboards
  • Graphics and sound cards
  • Modems
  • CD/DVD drives
  • Hard disks
  • Software installations
  • Laptop memory upgrades
  • Memory upgrades
  • PCMCIA Card installation (Modem, Firewire, USB, Ethernet adapter, etc.)
  • Printer, scanner, fax & copier setup
  • Program installations

Save on Laptops, Collection point

Save on Laptops, Collection point

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We specialise in security solutions for the commercial and domestic market. Using our expertise we can provide a security package to suit your needs, this has helped many of our customers to work and live in a secure environment.Contact us for more information →

About us

The-IT-Crowd is a computer repair and service company. Our mission is to provide quality service and support in London and surrounding areas.

We strive to offer exceptional service by identifying each client’s specialized needs and by offering the support of a knowledgeable, diverse, and professional staff.

Our increasing knowledge of computer systems, configurations, and available troubleshooting techniques offers a valuable and unique approach to the ever changing needs of our customers.Read more →